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Terra Nova Design Build is a swimming pool contractor located in Montgomery County, MD. Terra Nova is here to handle all of your swimming pool contractor and deck building needs. We have a proven workflow to get you back to enjoying your brand new property transformation.

At Terra Nova Design Build we handle all of your design, installation and maintenance needs. We pride ourselves on being not only a swimming pool contractor but also    a premier design company that focuses on residential properties.

Terra Nova takes your backyard transformation vision and streamlines it into our design process. By demanding the highest standards we have built a network of trusted professionals who understand our design process and help transform your property. 

With over 15 years experience as a swimming pool contractor we use our network of trusted professionals to help us source quality materials and also lower your building costs. Our owner Grant Rewega started this company in 1998 and closely manages every job. We make sure that every property we service is held to the highest standard.

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction

We constantly try to reduce our job site waste and the impact of our jobs on the surrounding environments. During our design process we offer customers eco friendly build options. Ask today about what eco friendly options that we offer.


The Newest Technology

We stay up to date with the latest design and swimming pool contractor trends so that we can bring our customers the latest materials and technology for their build. We offer complete automation systems so that you can focus on enjoying your property. Ask us about our automation systems today and how they can improve your project. 


We Only Work With The Best

We stand behind the people that we work by making sure that our installers are up to date with all new regulations and industry best practices. We use certification courses and seminars to ensure that our installers are properly trained on the best installation practices. 


High Quality Construction Management

We utilize the latest job management software to ensure that your project runs smoothly. This also helps us cut down of excessive waste because we can better estimate each jobs needs. We are also able to better predict the timeline for each job and when a job might need extra resources to meet the deadline. We have experience as a swimming pool contractor that helps us plan each job to run  smoothly.  

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Outdoor Fireplaces


Outdoor Escapes


Custom Finished Pools


Fire Features


Waterfalls and Water Features


Landscaping and Lighting


Outdoor Kitchens


Recreational Areas


Entertainment Systems


Walkways and Decking

Years Experience

Completed Projects

Our Design Process

Learn about how our design process sets us apart from other swimming pool contractors in the area. We follow a proven workflow to ensure that your project is a trouble free experience. Don’t forget to ask about how our 3D renderings help you narrow down the direction of your design. 

The Best Choice in Swimming Pool Contractors

Terra Nova Design Build Is Right For Your Next Home Project

We have built a reputation for incredible backyard transformations. From our initial 3D rendering to the final product, we have a proven workflow to complete your project. Terra Nova has you covered from simple to more complex projects. 

What is a 3D design?

 At Terra Nova Design Build we use software to generate 3D renderings of your property. We can customize the layout and coloring so you can get an accurate representation of what the finished product will look like. We use this design process to help the client pick what they are looking for. Our backyard design and swimming pool contractor experience make us a one stop shop for all of your backyard design and build needs. 

Is Transforming My Backyard Worth it?

We like to think that we are giving our clients a whole new way to enjoy their property when we are finished. Our former clients continually tell us that the only regret they had was not doing it sooner. We are constantly evolving and looking to new technology to make our job easier and you’re build experience more enjoyable.

We know that every project has its own unique set of circumstances and demands that require additional attention or customizations. Our staff is trained to provide various options based on each job’s demands and the homeowner’s concerns. We know it’s your vision for a new backyard so we have 3D rendering services that provide you with a virtual look at your new backyard transformation.

How Long Does it take to transform a backyard?

Every job is unique and every property can have it challenges. At Terra Nova we understand that starting with a great design ensures that build will fit the property. We know your home is special and we want to make sure your property is also. We use automated scheduling and our past experience to ensure that we stick to our timeline. 

Is this pool contractor near me ?

We are located in Montgomery County Maryland and also service the adjacent counties. We pride ourselves as one of the best home backyard designers in Montgomery County.  We mainly focus on backyard transformations in Montgomery County, Howard county, and PG county Maryland. 

View What Terra Nova Can Do For You

Terra Nova uses highly trained and certified masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and architects to ensure our customers get the best of all trades. We coordinate everything as a premier swimming pool contractor.  Since 1998, we have built relationships with these trades to ensure a smooth and worry free build. Some of our trades have been in business 50+ years! The owner visits the job site frequently to make sure the build goes smoothly and according to plan. We service Montgomery County and surrounding areas.

Terra Nova Design Build

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